Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Life is So Exciting Tour

Def Jam rappers Pusha T and Fabolous put on an incredible show last night at the Howard Theatre. Stepping out in a black apron, Pusha started at the beginning with classics such as "Grindin" and "Popular Demand."

He transitioned to his verses on "So Appalled" and "Runaway" explaining his first recording encounters with Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music. Just as Pusha T reached the peak in his performance with hits from Fear of God and halfway through "New God Flow," the Howard Theatre turned the lights on declaring the end of his allotted time mid way through his set. Pusha obviously vexed, saluted the audience and left the stage. The crowd bewildered from his abrupt exit, watched the curtain go down confused and angry. I have never seen anything like that before. I've been to countless concerts and I've yet to attend one that started on time. The crowd was clearly disappointed in not being able to hear any of the songs from his recent mixtape Wrath of Caine.

Pusha's absence left the crowd flustered and we felt cheated out of a performance. However, that disappointment went out the window as soon as Funeral Fab came to the stage. Dressed in a custom NY Knicks jersey with matching Jordans, there was no denying his New York swag. He started off doing almost every track from Soul Tape 2. During "We Get High," he began by lighting up a blunt before performing the track. Fab also brought out Troy Ave for "Only Life I Know." Unfortunately, Pusha T must have the left the building as Fab performed "Life is So Exciting" solo.

Then Fab brought it all the way back for the "Day 1 Fab fans" as he liked to put it with "Holla Back," "Can't Deny It" and "Breathe." Constantly flirting with the women in the audience, he made sure to do a special segment for them with "Superwoman," "So into You," "Can't Let you Go," and "Make me Better." He ended the performance with his most recent single "Ready" which is from his album Loso's Way 2, set to release this summer. Before leaving the stage, he shouted out Pusha T and Troy Ave and said "I hope y'all enjoyed the show and most importantly realize that
Hip Hop is still here." With gimmick artists like Trinidad James and 2 Chainz getting world recognition, it's easy to forget what real Hip Hop is. Without a doubt, Fab and Pusha T reminded us all of what real Hip Hop was and what it continues to be today.

Both Pusha T and Fabolous are dropping albums this year. Be sure to look out for My Name is My Name and Loso's Way 2.

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