Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kendrick Lamar Concert 4/23

Kendrick Lamar blazed the stage Tuesday night at George Mason University and named the audience the livest of his college tour thus far. He put on an incredible performance solidifying his lasting presence in the rap game. I have been rocking with Kendrick since the release of his fourth mixtape Overly Dedicated and so it was great to see the success of his debut album good kid m.A.A.d city symbolizing the recognition of such a talented artist. My only criticism of the night was that he did not perform any songs from Overly Dedicated, but his command of the crowd and performance of every hit since then was an experience I'll never forget.

Kendrick took a few songs to warm up, but once he got hot he was unstoppable. He performed his featured verses first, starting with "RIP" and "Fuckin' Problem". However, it was his solo songs that made the crowd and particularly the mosh pit I was in the middle of unbelievably hype and attentive. Early in the concert he performed "Pussy & Patron" as well as "Hol' Up." Constantly testing the crowds knowledge and smoothly transitioning between each track he went into "ADHD"  and "Hiii Power." He spent most time performing the hits from his album such as "Money Trees," "Poetic Justice," "Swimming Pools," "Bitch don't Kill my Vibe," as well as "m.A.A.d city" a record breaking four times!

This was my first time seeing Kendrick live, but I had heard mixed reports from his past performances. Naturally a chill guy, lyrically as well as personally, I had some doubt about his ability to turn up such a huge venue as the Patriot Center at George Mason University. I have to say I was blown away, even days later, his performance is still resonating with me. Simply put, he did it all. He performed EVERY single from the album, featured verses, other popular songs released post "good kid" and freestyled like I've never witnessed before. Kendrick left the stage leaving the audience wanting more and the crowd literally chanted for him to return. Kendrick ended the concert brilliantly and to my surprise with "Cartoon and Cereal," his 2012 track with Gunplay. It was an honor to hear him perform that song. But it was his freestyle at the end that had the previously hyped up crowd silent, hanging onto every line he dropped. He was named by MTV hottest MC in the game this year, his performance on Tuesday proved why.

If you're just getting to hip Kendrick here are some must haves:
Overly Dedicated
Section.80 and good kid m.A.A.d city are available on itunes now

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