Friday, April 5, 2013

Dipset Reunion

March 25, 2013 marked the ten year anniversary of "Diplomatic Immunity," the Diplomat's debut album. Legends to the game and failure to produce a group album since 2007, this reunion concert was huge. The line outside B.B. Kings stretched across the entire block as Dipset fans stood in anticipation for the late night concert.

Funkmaster Flex had B.B. Kings turnt! He played classic after classic testing the crowds knowledge of NYC greats. Mase, Jay Z, Nas and Big had the crowd shouting lyrics and bobbing heads for over an hour. For a second you forgot it was 2013 and we all were brought back to the early millenium in NYC when Hip Hop was untouchable, when music came first.

At about midnight, Dipset entered the stage and the boys were back at it! Performing my favorite song off the album, "Ground Zero" had the house going crazy. Brilliantly, each member of Dipset performed classics from their solo careers before coming together with special guests Lloyd Banks and Waka Flocka.

Jim, the least talented of Dipset managed to stay the most relevant over the years and gave a solid performance featuring many of his singles from Capo. I was slightly disappointed by Juelz solo performance as he spit most of his tracks from his new mixtape God Willin'. However, his expert stage presence and confident demeanor had the entire B.B. Kings rockin with him. Of course, Cam had the superior performance of the evening. Coming out to "Killa Cam" immediately reeled the crowd in. Cam'ron was also the most humble of the trio, as he was the only one to dap up fans.

All of Dipset returned to the stage performing some of their most popular singles such as "Dipset Anthem," "Crunk Musik" and "Pop Champagne." They finished off strong with Jim Jones' hit "We Fly High." And as the concert came to a finish, Jim said over his mic, "Started from Harlem, now we here!" which cued Drake's "Started from the Bottom."

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