Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Evening of Throwbacks: Too Short, Eve, E-40, Ice Cube & Ludacris

It was an evening of throwbacks. Last night at the Fiddler's Green Amphitheater, KS 107.5 brought the All Star show featuring Too Short, Eve, E-40, Ice Cube & Ludacris. Warren G was part of the original lineup, but much to my dismay, was not in attendance. The venue was packed to the brim, with lines spanning multiple blocks at every entrance. DJ Fellie Fell got the crowd hype for the one and only Too Short. The Oakland rapper had every middle-aged women up in there twerking to "Blow the Whistle" and "What's my Favorite Word" while also performing some of his more recent material such as his verse on Wiz Khalifa's "On My Level." Too Short certainly has a purpose in hip hop, but like his music, his performance was mediocre.

Eve followed Too Short and was undoubtedly the star of the show. Not only the only female rapper on the roster, but also the only act hailing from the East, Eve murdered her set performing straight up classics. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind," "Who's That Girl," and "Satisfaction" had the crowd going bananas, rapping every word alongside Eve. Her performance was so incredible, I'm wondering if an Eve comeback is in order...

E-40 took the stage next and gave a solid performance of his decades of hits. "Tell Me When to Go," "Sprinkle Me,""My Shit Bang" were all part of his set and Too Short joined E-40 for "Rapper's Ball."

Ice Cube was as charming as ever, giving a tribute to West Coast legend Nate Dogg and performing tracks from one of my all time favorite movies: Friday.  Although, the highlight of the evening was Ice Cube crip walking across the stage! Ice Cube also schooled the crowd by talking about the the Golden Era of Hip Hop a.k.a. the 80s. He introduced his DJ who was in fact a hip hop historian and he proceeded to play 80s hip hop that was iconic in hip hop's development. It was amazing to witness the hip hop classics "Check Yo Self" and "Today was a Good Day." Cube left the stage by proclaiming that "Denver has better weed than LA" and the crowd went crazy.

Ludacris closed the show and really showcased his premiere performance skills. He was constantly playing with the crowd, encouraging competition between sections, testing the crowd's knowledge of his early records and enticing the beautiful women to come back to ATL with himself and his band. Speaking of his band, Ludacris featured a dope band who with Luda's introduction performed individual solos showing off their skills. "What's Your Fantasy," "Move (Bitch)," and "Money Maker" were true throwbacks and all part of his set and it felt so good to reminisce.

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