Thursday, September 19, 2013

2 High 2 Die; Danny Brown & Action Bronson

The Ogden Theater hosted the 2 High 2 Die tour featuring opener Trash Talk as well as headliners Action Bronson and Danny Brown. Trash Talk is a punk rock band from Cali, which was really confusing to hear that type of sound at a hip hop concert. The lead singer jumped in the crowd and sang (although I use that word lightly) on top of banisters as well as hung from railings. Most of his performance choices seemed to be antics to get the crowd hype, because in reality, nobody knew or gave a fuck who he was.

Action's DJ came out and played a ton of techno and pop music. I swear at that moment I checked my ticket to make sure I was at the right concert. However, it was R. Kelly's "Bump N Grind" that brought out the Queens native. This was my third time seeing Bronson and I was amazed at how he surprises me and makes his performance unique every single time. He always does different material and jumps in the crowd, but his confidence and stage presence is flawless and he always puts on an amazing show. Bronson's set seemed so short and the crowd chanted for his return.

Danny Brown has one of the best DJ's in the industry right now. He knew exactly what to play to get the crowd hype and in the right mood for Danny's comic voice and outrageous lyrics. Danny Brown took a few songs to warm up, he seemed exhausted from a hectic tour schedule or perhaps smoking "blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt". He did eventually turn up and I was more intrigued than ever by his individuality and unique sound. The black Brad Pitt as Danny likes to call himself, shut the house down with his wild hair and tongue hanging from his mouth. giving us a sample of new tracks from his album Old, that has a release date for September 30.

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