Friday, March 28, 2014

The Oxymoron Tour: Denver vs. Schoolboy Q

The Oxymoron tour came to Denver last night and the sold out show was one for the books. Audio Push, the duo from Inland Empire, California opened the show and kick started the incredible energy that remained a theme for the rest of the night. You may know these cats from "Teach Me How To Jerk," but luckily their discography stretches beyond that and their performance was a great opener for the larger acts of the evening.

Vince Staples took the stage next and he humbly introduced himself as a rapper from Long beach, California. He was charismatic and confident as he encouraged crowd participation turned up to Long Beach classics such as "Drop It Like Its Hot" and the Snoop Dogg featured "Down 4 My N***as."

Isaiah Rashad was without a doubt, the champ of the evening. You could tell he was loving the high energy that Denver was feeding him and in return he demolished the stage with the flawless material from Cilvia Demo. Finishing strong with "Shot You Down" featuring Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q, it was the perfect segue to the headliner of the tour.

The crowd was on another level by the end of Rashad's set and eager for Q, but once Isaiah returned to the stage to sign as many autographs as he could manage, it was clear to everyone in the venue that they were stalling. Schoolboy Q walked onto the stage in perhaps the most un-enthused entrance I've ever seen and it set the tone for the rest of his performance.

Early on in Q's set, a person in the crowd threw an object onto the stage that hit Schoolboy in his chest. During concerts, people are constantly throwing blunts, cds, accessories and clothing, trying to get the attention of the artist and this seemed pretty routine. However, Q, with his number one album and new star persona jumped into the crowd to try to confront the offender. With a packed house, this was impossible and therefore Q resorted to asserting that he hopes "his momma dies tonight." He never came back from this incident and the rest of his set reflected it.

Schoolboy Q's performance last night was much like his album, there were gems such as the showcase of "Blessed" and "Hell Of A Night" that made you appreciate him as an artist, but as a whole there were sections you wished you could just skip over.

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